Wallcovering – is it for your home or commercial space?

wallpaper interior design
Wallpaper Memories

What memories do you associate with wallpaper? Do you like the effect it can have in a space?

I think that wallpapers or wall coverings have a part to play in many interiors – it can add another layer, texture and add colour to an area that may be otherwise difficult to address. In many spaces the wallpaper or covering is the finish that adds the 'wow' factor and personality.

Wall coverings are durable; many are washable or scrubbable so give excellent value for money

Remember that once you have the covering on the wall it is not as quick to change as a paint so choose carefully and enjoy the process..

It is important to consider a number of factors when selecting your wallpaper or wall covering.

Types of wall coverings

Vinyl backed, fabric backed, non woven backed wallpapers/coverings are some of the main types

  • Vinyl backed coverings – strong, durable, light fast, scratch proof & scrubbable
  • Fabric backed papers are tough, generally washable & in some cases scrubbable, can be used in commercial settings because of their durability.
  • Non woven papers in general are washable and some are scrubbable

It is important to check the maintenance of the particular wallpaper or covering before purchasing to clarify that it will suit the high or low traffic area in which you would like to use it.

Finishes on wallpaper

Textured and smooth are two of the most popular finishes.

Which is the most appropriate type to use for your space?

Consider the wear and tear that it needs to withstand or not as is the case.

  • Textured wallpapers or coverings can help to hide blemishes and discrepancies on walls and especially on old walls which are not perfect and smooth.
  • Smooth wallpapers and coverings are most suited to symmetrical walls and new walls because if the surface underneath is not perfect then the wallpaper or wall covering will not look its best.

Of course one of the keys to a ‘wow’ effect is to call in a specialist decorator and have your chosen wall covering professionally applied for a seamless finish.