One – One Interior Design Consultation

One off 'Interior Design Consultation’, how does this consultation process work?

An initial interior design consultation is a one off meeting.

Clients usually find this extremely useful, helpful and informative. Experience has shown me that often clients have really good ideas for their own interior design project. The direction to take when beginning the creative process can be the challenge.

Spend Your Budget Wisely
New products and finishes such as furniture and floor finishes can be costly. It is important to plan your space. Prioritize the steps you take according to cost, value and preference in your interior design project.

All or any aspect of interior design can be discussed at a consultation.  A client can determine which aspects of the interior design project are a priority during this meeting.

Existing finishes

Items of furniture, light fittings or soft furnishings are often existing for various reasons.  Clients often wish to include these items in their new scheme which can always be considered and incorporated where possible.

If the space is new or being completely redesigned it will need careful planning so that the high cost items get priority.

Interior Design Ideas
Prior to the initial interior design consultation if a client has ideas that they would like to use in the new interior show these ideas to your interior designer for inclusion. Interior designers have experience of working with all kinds of spaces. Challenging and unusual spaces are often loved by interior designers and this is when the interior designer can create a style to suit the space and complement the taste of the client.

When the designer has finished the consultation it is important that the client likes the finishes that have been agreed for their space including colour scheme, style and texture. The completed interior should complement the style of the client as a result.

Regularly I hear very positive feedback from clients I have met at one off interior design consultations. Clients also say that they feel more confident in progressing with their chosen project because of having the initial one to one consultation. One lovely bonus I have is that very often clients send photographs to me of their  completed project which I love to see.

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