Passionate about paint finishes. It is worth finishing it right!

Everywhere you look, your home, business, nearest restaurant or hotel it is possible that there are at least two or three paint finishes to be seen. Can you tell the difference?

I would like to give paint some 'good press' rather than bad press which is undeserved in my opinion. Painting a surface in a new colour and finish that can instantly give a new look,  can transform a surface and change it forever.  The range of paint available is incredible, there are shades and tones of any paint colour you can think of or would dare to use. There are a few points to keep in mind when you are considering changing the paint colour.

Light colours in paint can reflect light and give an open airy feel to a space while darker colours can give a cosier more intimate feel making the space feel more contained.  There is no right or wrong way to using colours in paint, it all depends on the statement or environment  that you would like to achieve.   Experiment with colour, paint is one finish that is reasonably easy to change should you so wish and can change the look quickly and at a reasonable cost.

When I meet clients for interior design consultations, as part of my service I  help clients select the correct paint finish most suitable for their space.  A large part of the colour in a space is the paint colour twinned with the paint finish.

Paint finishes.

Some are washable and others are not. Consider the traffic and use of the area to be painted, if it is a high traffic area then a washable or wipeable finish is a good option.  In a low traffic area a flat finish or matt finish is preferable where washing is not needed. Paint finishes include matt, soft sheen, silk, satin and gloss being the most commonly used.

Which finish is best for your project ?

I think it is well worth having a discussion with the experts in your local paint shop, give the person an outline of what you would like to paint and they will guide you.

I have a few personal preferences that I would like to suggest to you;

1) When possible use a Matt finish on ceilings and walls because it gives a softer look and hides many blemishes. It is an easy finish to touch up and re do quickly. Mirrors and paintings always look well on a painted matt wall.

Matt paint gives depth to the finish when used in the deeper tones of any colour. Matt is one of my favourite finishes.

Nowadays there are a number of ranges that give a completely washable matt finish which is a good option for high traffic areas but not necessary if not high traffic.

2) In my opinion most wood finishes such as doors, architraves, skirting boards, window sills look very well finished in a satin finish paint. A satin finish gives a very nice sheen but not a high shine to woodwork especially the water based paints and will not go 'off' colour. Satin finishes can be easily repainted.

That is all for now, I will be back with more about paint soon.