Additional Stylish Storage solution

Additional Storage Solution

Additional storage solutions are usually a welcome find.  I am always interested in finding alternative ways to create more storage because almost all of us need extra storage. A major task is sourcing attractive storage solutions. I wrote about a storage solution in a previous blog and I imagine I will again in the future. Storage is a popular subject and is especially relevant to those of us living in smaller spaces.

Storage for books

I recently worked with a client who had a large selection of books that he wanted to store and aslo have these books within easy reach. My client uses the books constantly and did not want to pack them away.  The room we had to work with was large with great windows and lovely light. There was a wonderful feeling of openness, light and space in this room which was great to work with as an interior designer. The client loves this lightness and as a result of this it was one of the reasons that he purchased the property.

Light and storage

When one is thinking about storage in a space the natural light coming in should be considered. Book storage has specific considerations and the ongoing condition of books is important. The spines of the books are best not left directly opposite the natural light because of fading and making the book titles illegible. It is not attractive and most of all will devalue the books as a result.  Over the long term it will not help the condition of the books.

Talking about this project in particular we designed shelving above and around both sides if this large window which worked well because the books were easy to access, they will not be prone to fading either so both solutions are especially relevant.

Limited space

Where space is limited, consider additional storage around windows in the form of shelving, while adding another interesting dimension to the space.

Most of all on this project my client was very satisfied with the end result and furthermore gained additional attractive storage.  Additional storage solution in the form of shelving can free up space within any room and also gain another interesting dimension.

This may work in a space for you where storage is something that you need but did not consider it. Narrow storage shelving similar to this will not take up too much space and looks attractive. Storage like this is relatively easy to create and can be made in simple clean lines. Another options is to have a decorative finish depending on the other finishes in the space. The choice is yours.

Do you have a view on this storage solution?