Interior design Christmas decoration….

Eye catching Christmas cushions.

Add these lovely cushions to your living room or bedroom and make your space extra special for Christmas. Bring warmth and comfort to brighten up any living space at this time of year.

Christmas Cushions make an eye catching addition to any space that needs extra colour to bring in the Christmas atmosphere.

I think there is always a good reason to create a different look in an inexpensive way by adding colour, at this time of year it is nice to add extra texture and colour with cushions  - these are available in any of the shops that have an interior design department. I found these lovely red cushions in Sligo.

In order to give your space a new look, remove some of the cushions that you use all year round and replace these with the Christmas ones. Another nice addition to the cushions  is a couple of throws, add these to your sofas and chairs, they can give a welcoming feel to your space and on a winters evening give you an extra warm layer to relax in.