Ten things to consider when buying a new sofa

Sofa choices, Style choices, Your choices are endless

Buying new sofas? See our top ten things to think about before you go and make this large purchase.

  1. Leather or fabric?
  2. With or without legs?
  3. Corner sofa or straight sofa?
  4. Soft or firm seat?
  5. Two sofas or one sofa?
  6. Custom made or standard sizes?
  7. Natural fibre or synthetic filling?
  8. Plain, pattern, stripe or check?
  9. Neutral or vibrant colour?
  10. Bright or dark colour

Shopping for new sofas?

Please have a look at our list of all sofa related factors before you head out on your 'sofa shopping' trip. Buying a suite is exciting! There are excellent sales people out there who can give you very good advice. Take it and make your own assessments too.

Comfort? Think about it when buying new sofas

Think about the fillings of the seat cushions and back cushions. Soft or firm, natural or synthetic fillings, advantages and/or disadvantages of fabric or leather and gather as much information as you can before you make a decision.

This suite is part of your home, your style and over the next number of years it will be sat upon over and over again and so it needs to be comfortable.

In my opinion one of the most important factors to consider is the space you have in your room for this new sofa.

Colourful sofa in situ medium sized sitting room

Colourful sofa in situ medium sized sitting room

What size and shape will suit the space best?

Buying new sofas or a new sofa is a large purchase and one that you will be looking at for years to come.

Think about the space, measure the space you have before you go shopping at all – the dimensions of the sofas are notably the overall width, side to side and the overall depth, front to back.

One easy way to see what space you have before buying new sofas is to outline the dimensions on the floor – if you have a wooden floor you can do this with masking tape and it will not damage the finished floor, if you have a carpet then you can lay out some sheets of newspaper or brown paper.

At Vision Interiors as interior designers we regularly draw up room plans to scale for our clients, we sketch out the sofa dimensions and the sofa layout options on this drawing. This gives the client a good indication of the space in the room, the space that the sofa will fill and once this is considered then what other furniture is needed to complement the sofa and create a relaxing, comfortable space –, a coffee table, a lamp table, a foot stool are some options.

In this blog we are dealing with the sofa size because it is of the utmost importance. At a later date we can discuss some other considerations such as colour and textures. Here we want you to go shopping for your perfect sofa with the optimal size and shape in mind for your space.   Happy shopping!