I purchased a property with a decor that hadn’t been updated since the early 1970s. I decided to turn the living room, kitchen and sitting room into one large open plan space. Having tried my hand at designing a kitchen via Ikea I quickly realised that I could spend a lot of time and money creating something that would only show up my mistakes. I called in Linda initially for an hourly consultation. She quickly did up a design for the kitchen that I could take to a kitchen builder and then gave me a lot of great advice on the layout for the rest of the room including furniture suggestions. She also recommended positions for electrics for lamps and electric appliances so that I could give these to my builder before he started knocking walls.

After the initial building work was complete I called Linda back to advise me on colour schemes that matched the furniture. Linda also designed bespoke curtains and blinds as well as a large book and display shelving for storing my large collection of books. My major worry in bringing in a designer on a project is that they would create a room to their taste rather than mine. In Linda’s case she created a great layout and colour scheme that allowed me to then add my own personal belongings and identity to the space. I’ve ended up with a space that was professionally designed but still feels my own.